Saturday, 30 July 2011

The second victim

I tried to see response of others if I make this blog seems like she (she said she is a she) looks exited and happy. Well I think not..She gave me the sign..What sign the Your conversational partner has disconnected. Arggghhhh!!!!

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi
Stranger: heeeey
You: you are a girl!!!
Stranger: yes i am
You: yeeeeeh
Stranger: how did you know haha
You: well i have physic powers
You: i can tell you were spectacles too
Stranger: haha i dont wear glasses
You: yes you do!
Stranger: no i really dont
You: you were it during summer
You: its hot
Stranger: its winter
You: so you wear sunglasses
You: winter on july?
Stranger: in the southern hemisphere, yes
You: ouhh..
You: my telepathic powers cant reach at that side
Stranger: aw lol :(
Stranger: where are you from
You: im from asia
Stranger: i'm not
You: which part of south hemispere are you?
Stranger: australia
You: its winter in australia now!
Stranger: yes
You: i made a blog on omegle
You: especially the Strangers
You: wanna see it?
Stranger: okay
You: your my second victim btw
Stranger: LOL
You: tuludu
Stranger: D:
You: ill be posting you here too..just for a start ups ok
You: dont mind right?
Stranger: dont mindd
You: ok
You: bye
Stranger: LOL
You: thats the mystery of being a stranger
Stranger: -.-
You: yes i am
Stranger: WHERE
You: its the truth
You: i wont post from this point onwards
Stranger: >: |
Stranger: kbaiiii
You: wats a kbaiiii?
You: i got a lot of compilation
You: but i posted somewhere else
You: so i decided that its time for me to move on
You: lol
Your conversational partner has disconnected.