Sunday, 31 July 2011

Age Fail

This quite lame but I think the dude should have think of an age before considering an approach..It took him ( i think ) a long time to give out his age. Well signs up.

My Kind

You don't like my kind?

Outkast - Heyya

You know he/she is a total stranger when he doesn't know the song Heyya from Outkast.

i am the computer

Total boredness can be a bit interesting pretending that you are a computer. This is the most boringness victim I have. Even though boring but cool.. He knows his commands.. Not!!

The One Question

One question only. But he didn't question me! Not fair

I talked to old granpa

There's an old man in omegle. He gave me the sign. Maybe his looking for somebody his own age too.

Not interested?

If you ain't interested you can try one method. Being honest. Not all those in Omegle are victims. Some I made friends. Some when in total boredness I become the cruel guy.. Pity for this indian guy. He doesn't have time to express anything. Well the sign is up. Nextttt victim please!!!!