Sunday, 31 July 2011

i am the computer

Total boredness can be a bit interesting pretending that you are a computer. This is the most boringness victim I have. Even though boring but cool.. He knows his commands.. Not!!

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hi
Stranger: stranger here, not female
You: unknown introduction variable
You: variable should be 'Hi'
Stranger: cannot fathom the randomness of life
You: sytax error at line 5
Stranger: cd..
You: /
Stranger: dir
You: .
You: ..
You: /home
You: /usr
Stranger: is that braile
You: /bin
You: /opt
You: /etc
You: /var
Stranger: autoexec
Stranger: himem
You: unknown bash command
Stranger: unknown bash keybord
Stranger: head
You: unknown bash command
You: do you mean sed
Stranger: tu comrendes
You: -bash: tu: command not found
Stranger: .exe
You: .exe is for window binary execution only
You: use apt-get install wine to be able to use windows binary
Stranger: 001 100 10001 001010 10010
You: debug mode enable
Stranger: syntax error
You: you do not have permission to run sytax. are you root
Stranger: from what does spring
You: from: can't read /var/mail/Stranger
You: Sleep mode enabled
You: press esc to continue...
You: press esc to continue...
You: downloading u2zHiZvyw5m.flv
Stranger: abort retry fail
You: 0%=======------ 100&
You: downloading aborted
Stranger: a or r or f
Stranger: ?
You: -bash: a:r:f: command not found
Stranger: ms dos 5.0
You: Help menu bash omegle
You: ? - Help menu
You: v - version
You: exit - to exit the bash system
You: from - to see mail
You: dir - change directory
You: downloading 1eA3XCvrK90.mkv
You: 0%=------- 100%
You: 0%===----------------100%
Stranger: you must be old school as well
You: system aborted
Stranger: remember floppys my friend
You: disk image error
Stranger: scandisk
You: [][][][][][][][][][][][]
Stranger: wingdings
You: [][][][][][][][][][][][]------------
Stranger: you forgot your ones
You: scaning disk in operation
You: [][][][]------------[][][][][][][][][][][]
Stranger: autoexec.bat
You: please abort scanning before executing a batch file
You: --------------[][][][][][][][][][][][][][]---------------
You: defragment error on cluster 198298
You: bad disk
Stranger: mother fucking clusters
You: please change new disk
You: save all files
Stranger: holy fuck
You: unknown sytax holy
Stranger: syntax
You: you mean polly
Stranger: want a cracjer
Stranger: k
You: use polly -h for help
Your conversational partner has disconnected.