Saturday, 30 July 2011

31st July 2011

Here is my dude talk that makes me wanna make this blog.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi
Stranger: Hi
You: dude?
Stranger: yes
You: wanna talk to a dude, dude?
Stranger: hmm...
You: im a straight dude
Stranger: yes, i'm dude
You: no sex talk dude, dude
Stranger: yes
You: i gt story to tell you
Stranger: hm..
Stranger: age ?
You: its about a dude who talks to a dude which his dude next to the dude doesnt like the dude to talk with this dude, so the dude said "hey dude.what the dude are you doing dude" it dude
Stranger: laughs
Stranger: age ?
You: i dont tell my age to a dude
You: especially a dude who laughs at a dude's story for the dude
Stranger: sorry
You: what about you dude?
You: any nice dude findings today dude?
Stranger: yes
You: who is the dude that this dude has found, dude?
Stranger: i don't know
Stranger: you know ?
You: ouh this dude doesn't know which dude he found and ask me a dude who is the dude?
You: well dude, found you dude
You: wanna like my facebook page dude?
Stranger: yes
You: i'll paste this dude on my dude's wall
You: i like you dude
You: your so dude
You: catch ya letter dude
You have disconnected.